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Who the heck is Ivan?

Nerd Friend

Against my mother's better judgement, she purchased an unsavory RPG rules book for me when I was 13 years old. I immediately planned a campaign for my pre-pubescent friends that resulted in a lifelong passion for creative play and story-telling. I like to tell my mom I've been building worlds ever since. 

When I left my forest home in Eugene, OR for film school in sunny SoCal, I took my small-town, only-child personality to the big time. I found myself surrounded by passionate, unique, and very colorful people. 

I did not hit the ground running after college. Much to anyone's surprise, a Film Degree (or any degree for that matter), doesn't do anything. It's the person. And even though I had paid internships,  a talented support group, and started a tiny experiment publishing company (Hunters Books) with my lifelong friends, I was far from being any kind of professional. 

Leaping from personal assistant, to social media marketing, I was never really enjoying my work. Like everyone else with a 9-5, I got my kicks on nights and weekends, painting miniatures, running campaigns, producing content for Hunters, and eventually developing an obsession with board games.

Any other internet personalty will tell you, they didn't get where they are alone. I found my backstage pass by making friends and playing games. Now, I make a living doing what I did on nights and weekends. I get to tell stories, create worlds, and play games. But the rest is not history! Thanks to everyone who has collaborated and inspired me, I will continue questing.

I currently live in expensive AF Los Angeles with my lovely girlfriend, Kazi and our son, Phoenix.